Fares Overview

Fare attributes

Fare attributes describe the basic information about a fare including the price, currency type and transfer information. See the GTFS specification fare attribute reference for more information.

Fare rules

Fare rules describe how much riders pay to use a transit system, based on factors such as distance traveled, time of day, and type of fare media used (such as a mobile app). In other words, they govern how fare attributes are applied. See the GTFS specification fare rule reference for more information.

Editing/Creating Fares

To begin editing fares, click the fare ticket button on the lefthand navigation bar (outlined in red).

Choose a fare from the list to begin editing. To create a new fare, click + New fare, or, if this is the first fare being created for this feed, click + Create first fare (highlighted in yellow).


Edit fare attributes

In the Attributes tab, required and optional information about the fare can be entered, like fare_id, price and currency_type.

Note: Be sure to click the save button (💾) after changes to fare attributes or fare rules are made. Clicking save after adding attributes will allow you to edit fare rules.

Edit fare rules

To define fare rules, you must first create fare zones, which are explained in the next section.

To edit fare rules, you must first create and save a fare with attributes. After choosing a fare, click the Rules tab and define one or more rules for this fare using the following types:

  1. Route - applies to any itinerary that includes the route
  2. From/to zone - applies to any itinerary that travels from the origin zone to the destination zone
  3. Contains zone - applies to any itinerary that passes through each contains zone

Creating fare zones

To create a fare zone, you must first select a stop that you would like to include in the zone by clicking the location pin icon on the sidebar and selecting one of the stop names. Next, click in the zone_id dropdown and begin typing the new zone_id. Click Create new zone: [zone_id] and then save the stop. Repeat for as many zones as needed.

Tutorial Video: Editing/Creating Fares