Deploying GTFS Feeds to OTP


Executing a deployment

To deploy or update GTFS feeds to OTP:

  1. Open a project.
  2. Click on the Deployments tab.
  3. (Optional) To create a new deployment, click + New Deployment, enter a name, then press or click Enter.
  4. Click the name of the deployment to execute. A summary of feeds and existing deployments (if available) are shown for your review.
  5. Remove the feeds you don't need from the deployment. For the remaining feeds, select the correct feed version.
  6. In the OTP Configuration pane:
  7. Select the latest OTP version (the first one in the list).
  8. Check Build graph only to only generate and output a graph file on EC2 to the S3 server (no OTP server will be running after the graph is generated).
  9. The R5 option is not used.
  10. If you select Custom under Build configuration or Router configuration, enter the desired configuration settings.
  11. Click the Deploy dropdown at the top of the main pane, then pick the server on which to perform the deployment. Existing deployments on that server will be discarded.

Watching deployments take place

After click Deploy, you can watch the deployment progress from the right-hand panel:

  1. The data bundle is uploaded to S3.
  2. One EC2 server is commissioned.
  3. The EC2 server downloads data and begins building the graph.
  4. The EC2 server uploads the graph to S3.
  5. If you check Build graph only, the process stops here and EC2 server is discarded.
  6. The OTP process is started on EC2 to load graph.
  7. If more EC2 servers are designated, these will be started and told to download and load graph.