Editing calendars

To begin editing calendars, click the 📅 button on the lefthand navigation bar.


Choose a calendar from the list to begin editing. To create a new calendar, click + New calendar. Note: as with all newly created items (except patterns), the new calendar will not be saved until the save icon (💾) is clicked.

Calendar details

  • Service ID - unique ID for the calendar
  • Description - optional description for calendar (defaults to initial days of week specified)
  • Days of service - days of week on which the service operates
  • Start/End dates - the first and last day of that service assigned to the calendar should run

Editing schedule exceptions

Schedule exceptions allow users to define days where special services should replace the regularly operating calendars. To create a schedule exception, click the Exceptions tab and then click + New exception (replaces the "New calendar" button).

schedule exception

Exception details

  • Name - name of schedule exception
  • Schedule to run - the chosen schedule that should replace the regularly operating calendars (see below Exception types)
  • Dates - one or more dates to which the schedule exception applies

Exception types

There are a number of built-in exception types (or available schedules to run) that allow for a high degree of flexibility when assigning special services.

  • [Su, M, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa] - replaces all service for the specified dates with the calendar(s) that operate on the chosen day of the week
  • No service - indicates that no service of any kind should operated on the specified dates
  • Custom - replace all service for the specified dates with trips operating on the one or more calendars specified with this option. E.g., run only holiday and holiday-plus calendar on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Swap - similar to the Custom option, however this option allows for removing one or more specific calendars for the specified dates and/or adding one or more specific calendars. This option is especially useful if only certain routes have altered service on specific dates. For example, a user could remove the weekday-route-1 calendar and add the special-route-1 calendar.

Editing schedules

Click Edit schedules to begin creating or editing trips/frequencies for a trip pattern. You will be redirected to the Schedule Editor. For more information on creating schedules for a pattern, see Trips.

Note: At least one route, pattern and calendar must have been created to edit schedules.